We are not only a brand, but also a CULT for people who refuse to go with the system and for those who are not scared of expressing themselves with their visual identity. We strive to create long-lasting, timeless pieces that transcend trends, allowing you to build a wardrobe that truly reflects your personal style.  Scorpius Sacrum was established in 2023 by Scorpius Genetrix in the Czech Republic. WE ABSOLUTELY DO NOT SUPPORT FAST FASHION! Each item is carefully designed and crafted by the owner in a studio located in Brno, ensuring the highest level of attention to detail and quality. We aim to source all materials from local manufacturers.


Everything started in early 2021 when the owner decided to create more than just customized pieces and spontaneously make clothes. The thought of having a brand was born and everything was going well until the owner had to start a corporate full time job which was very demanding. Because of that, there was no time for making anything creative (brand related) happen. Inflation started growing more and more and the owner decided to change her life completely, by ditching her high position job, a nice fancy flat and moving to a smaller city where she started living in a trashy punk studio and found an easy undemanding job so that her baby brand could be finally born!


Everything is made and done by the owner, with help from her partner Wrist2slit founder of Underworld Laboratory. Special thanks goes to Veronika Vlachová - photographer, rug maker, jewellery artist and founder of Verity Studio, who earns huge credit for all the amazing pictures you can see on social media and the e-shop. Another thanks goes to Pauline Newman and Marie Newman who supported the owner through the whole process.